Welcome to Married, but Single in Faith

Many people who go to church, or not, are people who are striving to maintain faith in God while living with a spouse who doesn’t share their faith. They face struggles that may not be understood by people who married someone of like faith. Sometimes, the struggles aren’t understood by those who teach classes or preach sermons and so those married, solitary faith keepers are left without encouragement that addresses their unique situations.
I know about those struggles because I have lived this reality for 28 years.

This blog is not an opportunity to slam my husband. It is a celebration of my choice to stay married and stay faithful to the race I am running so that I can hear the words, “Well done …”
I will be sharing the struggles I have faced and worked through and my goal is to encourage you to stay on course. I can’t promise to have an answer for every struggle, but I can promise support.
I have read a lot of blogs, books, and articles on this subject. My problem with most of those is that at the end of many of them, the husband ends up accepting God and the persons life ends up happily ever after (not many of them talk to husbands). 

Many of those books, blogs, and articles spend a lot of time telling the reader (women) what they need to do differently in order to bring their spouse into a relationship of belief. Some of the things suggested to make the transformation include: keeping a clean house, showing appreciation for your spouse, having a soft nature. I have a problem with these because they don’t acknowledge the fact that people have been given free will and some people have used that free will to decide against a relationship with God.

So, I will not give you advice about keeping a clean house. I will talk about:

* ways to keep your faith even when circumstances make it difficult
* how to let go of some things for peace of mind
* the importance of praise and worship
* how to love the relationship you have with God for yourself

I hope you join me on this journey and together, we can encourage each other to hold on and keep on keeping on!



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